• Tomato Spinach Chicken Spaghetti

    One bite of this Tomato Spinach Chicken Spaghetti and you will never buy jarred tomato sauce ever again. Spaghetti is tossed in a fresh and flavorful sauce with pieces of juicy chicken. Fresh spinach adds a boost of nutrients, but feel free to use other vegetables to customize to your family’s liking. Pro tip: Prepare… [Read More]

    Tomato Spinach Chicken Spaghetti
  • Glazed Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Bread

    We enjoy this glazed apple cinnamon oatmeal bread for breakfast and dessert. A slice in the morning is delicious with a cup of coffee and a slice after supper is divine with ice cream! The bread is soft and moist, with an incredible apple flavor in every bite. Topped with the incredibly addicting apple glaze… [Read More]

    Glazed Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Bread
  • Restaurant Style Smashed Potatoes

    If there ever was a mashed potato recipe that may never see the top of the dining table, these restaurant style smashed potatoes are it! I speak from experience. On multiple occasions, I’ve been known to nearly finish the entire bowl while “seasoning”. Try it and you’ll understand. The bacon and sour cream offers extra… [Read More]

    Restaurant Style Smashed Potatoes
  • Easy French Dip Sliders

    We LOVE these Easy French Dip Sliders because they’re suitable for a quick dinner or to pack for lunch. At our house, we triple the batch because we devour them in record time! Soft rolls with a savory sauce, melted cheese, tender beef, and caramelized onions. Can you blame us? Sometimes I like to splurge… [Read More]

    Easy French Dip Sliders