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Meet Amanda Rettke

Reader Comments

    1. Thank you Amanda for the delicious recipes which are easy to prepare.
      I cannot wait to try the smashed potato’s salad soon. And, look forward to more new recipes to try.

  1. I am not a cook ,but my wife showed me your site and read me your recipes. I am anxious to see how they turn out.Thank you.

    1. Thank you Carolyn for all your yummy looking recipes. I’m so excited to make them I especially love those little taco bombs think that’s what they’re called. Hope you get a lot more thank you

  2. I’m from Wales UK but spend most of the year in Indonesia has my wifes.
    Indonesian so it’s difficult to get certain. Items.But one of our favourite recipes are , pork belly bites which we eat at least once a week with colliflower and potatoe mash. We can’t get canola oil so it’s vegtable oil we use

  3. This kielbasa dish is just like the German potato salad I grew up with minus the kielbasa. The recipe came from a famous German restaurant we frequented in NYC when was a kid. Perfect recipe.

  4. Love everyone of your emails with your wonderful recipes, I always know what to make for dinner!!! I would love to see your recipe for a cheesy, pepperoni bread that a certain pizza chain has just recently introduced. It looks amazing and yet my bread machine and I have not quite captured the look or taste of it, my sister says. lol Thank you!!!!

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