• Creamy Cheeseburger Soup

    Creamy Cheeseburger Soup is a creamy, hearty soup that is loaded with seasoned beef, potatoes, and a pound of Velveeta cheese. Try my Beer Cheese Soup for another creamy, cheesy soup. Creamy Cheeseburger Soup When you are craving a cheeseburger, but do not want to fire up the grill, this recipe is your answer. This… [Read More]

    Creamy Cheeseburger Soup
  • Breakfast Hand Pies

    Breakfast Hand Pies are rolled out biscuits filled and sealed with onions, bacon, eggs, and cheese, cooked in an air fryer, and topped with onion butter. Try my Cheeseburger Hand Pies for an appetizer to share later in the day! Breakfast Hand Pies These hand pies are like a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit. But,… [Read More]

    Breakfast Hand Pies
  • Chicken Lasagna Soup

    Chicken Lasagna Soup is a creamy and filling soup that is loaded with noodles, rotisserie chicken, spinach, and two kinds of cheeses. Try my Chicken Pot Pie Soup for another hearty soup with lots of chicken. Chicken Lasagna Soup This soup recipe is adapted from my Lasagna Soup. But, in this version, I used rotisserie… [Read More]

    Chicken Lasagna Soup
  • Fry Sauce

    Fry Sauce is a tasty mayonnaise-based sauce with ketchup and added seasonings that is delicious on fries, chips, or on a hamburger. Try my Garlic Sauce for another flavorful homemade sauce. Fry Sauce This condiment is a must-make sauce that will certainly add flavor to a plate of french fries. But, don’t stop with just… [Read More]

    Fry Sauce