• Amish Caramel

    Soft, chewy, and melt in your mouth Amish caramel is the perfect candy to set out for guests or gift giving. With only a few staple ingredients and a little bit of time, homemade candy has never been easier. Adapted from Hidden Treasures. Photography by The PKP Way.

    Amish Caramel
  • Country Breakfast Skillet

    Nothing beats waking up to the smell of bacon in the morning. This country breakfast skillet not only has thick-cut bacon, but also tender potatoes and flavorful peppers. Not to mention, the four sunny side up eggs because no breakfast is complete without eggs. Tip: Make my country homestyle cornbread with the leftover bacon grease!… [Read More]

    Country Breakfast Skillet
  • Amish White Bread

    Soft and fluffy Amish white bread, perfect for your everyday bread needs. Slice thin for sandwiches or thick for French toast. Give Amish white bread a try and never buy store-bought again! Adapted from Scratch this with Sandy. Photography by The PKP Way.

    Amish White Bread
  • Baked Cabbage

    A blanket of cheese covers this baked cabbage for a delicious vegetable side dish to pair with any meal. The slightly sweetened cabbage offers a light crunch and balances beautifully with the salty cheeses for a crave-worthy accompaniment that will be enjoyed again and again. Recipe adapted from Food. Photography by The PKP Way.

    Baked Cabbage