When you have chickens it is not abnormal for your thoughts to wonder to chicken coops. Big, amazing chicken coops… little coops, pretty coops, practical coops. I put together a few of my favorite… these are the inspiration for our next big build!

Amazing Chicken Coops

Dream Coops!

Found on Freecycle.usa

dream coops

Get the tutorial from TrevorMade.

chicken coops

Brilliant idea from Redeem Your Ground

chicken coops

How brilliant is this… a repurposed swing set!!! From JoJoChooks

chicken coops

That red door!!! From Small Friendly

elegant chicken coop

I want to live here. From Country Living.

farmhouse chicken coop

The inside is even more decadent!!! (There is a chandelier!)

chicken coop


Love the purple… and the planting bed outside! Via Clean Coops

I can’t decide which one we will build next!  We love our chicks, they bring our family so much joy!  Why not make them a home to be proud of.  If you are thinking of building your own chicken coop, here are some things to consider.

  • Type of wood:  Cedar has the best durability so it won’t warp due to weather conditions (we have a lot of “conditions” up here in the bold north).  Reclaimed wood is really popular right now too, and could save you some money in the long run.
  • Fencing Height:  You want to keep out the bad and keep in the good, so be careful to select a barrier that will do the trick.
  • Space:  chickens need about 4 square feet per bird, so keep that in mind when building.  Builders beware though, you don’t want to go too big!  Chickens rely on each other for warmth so in the cold season, having slightly snug quarters is a good thing.

I would love to hear about any other ideas you might have!  Comment below or you can always take a picture and tag me on Instagram or on Facebook.  I would love to see your finished product!  Make sure to tag me @iamhomesteader or hashtag #iamhomesteader, or both!

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  1. I’ve only followed I am baker and didn’t know you had this blog. I’m excited to check it out! We just got our first baby chicks and I love them already!

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