My husband has been in incubation mode for over a month now, and we are finally seeing some of the results of all his hard work.

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So let me tell you about life on the Homestead lately.


We talk about chicks. A lot.


We examine chicks. And try to figure out if they are boys or girls.


We ask each other if they saw the chicks today. (the answer is always yes, of course)

Audrey and baby chick

We rub soft, fuzzy chicks against our cheeks and cuddle with them. Then we baby talk to them. Then we try to kiss them. And then we cuddle them some more.

Olivia and baby chick

We teach kindness and gentleness with them. And then cuddle them some more.


We name them. And then realize we can’t remember what we named them, so we name them again.

baby chicks

We sit and watch them. We laugh at how they huddle and are so skittish and then we talk sweet to them and try to cuddle them some more. Did I mention we like to cuddle the chicks?

In addition to hatching chicks through incubation, (from the eggs our chickens lay) we also ordered some Americana, Barred Rock, Rhode Island Red, and Black Sex Link  (or Australorp) chicks. I think they will be a great addition to the family!

We kinda like chicks.


Also, I wonder what this guy is thinking. #chicklife

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Reader Comments

  1. I was looking at some new posts and this family used a couple of feather dusters hanging suspended a few inches in their pen so the chicks can huddle under. Thought this was a great idea! Looks like yours are getting lots of love!

  2. Finally read this fun Springtime post. When I was growing up on our farm a mile west of Odin I was in charge of feeding & watering the new baby chicks in the brooder house. They arrived via the post office & I think they still are sent that way unless of course if you have your own incubator.

  3. Love those adorable chicks. They are just so cute! We have pet birds, but no chicks. These would have been a real blessing last year in particular. Eggs here in Md. were almost four dollars a dozen. If we were zoned for chickens, I would love to raise a small flock.

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