Sometimes I splurge at the store and buy and extra bag of grapes. Grapes never seem to be on sale around here, but that doesn’t stop me.

Chicken Eating Grapes

Why do I splurge on extra grapes?

Because watching jumping chickens never gets old.

Chickens Eating Grapes

Our chickens will leap over buildings in a single bound to get to grapes.

They bounce with delight and quite frankly, so do we. They are seriously fun to watch!

Chickens Eating Grapes

So let me know if you see grapes on sale! I have some chickens that will dance for ya. šŸ˜‰

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Reader Comments

  1. Before our “Hen House” got invaded by a possum this last summer. I can hardly look at grapes. Our chickens were the most wonderful and the grand kids named everyone of them. They would go nuts over grapes and whatever else we had, when the whole crowd would head out to feed. They knew that there was going to be more then “feed” on the menu and would breakout in their “Happy Dance”. The grand kids really enjoyed the experience.

  2. I love to see chickens treated well. I live in the city in Calgary, and I started to buy free run eggs and more humane meat products quite a while back. We all see the photos of chickens stacked in cages and it breaks my heart. Thanks for starting my day with photos of happy, jumping chickens!

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