• How to Clean Used Cooking Oil

    Knowing how to clean up (or clarify) used cooking oil will help you get the most use out of leftover oil after frying, searing, or sauteeing. Use the oil for your next batch of Fried Ravioli or Country Fried Pork! How to Clean Used Cooking Oil Have you ever wondered, can I reuse cooking oil?… [Read More]

    How to Clean Used Cooking Oil
  • Parmesan Garlic Butter Rice

    Garlic Butter Rice is a side dish made with long-grain white rice, butter, onion, garlic, chicken stock, and parmesan cheese. It is smooth and delicious! Try my Stick of Butter Rice for another buttery rice side dish. Parmesan Garlic Butter Rice You can never have too many side dish recipes. This garlic butter rice is… [Read More]

    Parmesan Garlic Butter Rice
  • Chicken Wonton Tacos

    Chicken Wonton Tacos are baked wonton wrappers filled with tangy chicken topped with homemade slaw and sweet chili sauce. Make my homemade wonton wrappers to use in this crunchy and flavorful appetizer! Chicken Wonton Tacos All of my taste testers gobbled these down in no time! One of the best appetizers I have ever made.… [Read More]

    Chicken Wonton Tacos
  • Sweet Chili Sauce

    Sweet Chili Sauce is a sweet and spicy thick condiment that can be enjoyed with many foods and is perfect as a dipping sauce, too. Use it with appetizers or drizzle a little bit (or a lot) on Chicken Wonton Tacos or when making Bang Bang Shrimp. Sweet Chili Sauce Sweet Chili Sauce is a… [Read More]

    Sweet Chili Sauce



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