Welcome to today’s Daily Activity Challenge! We will be using the playing cards we used from yesterday, so no new materials will be needed. 

Daily Activity Challenge #3: What’s My Number?

Today’s challenge will be a math challenge. This activity can be used for both addition and multiplication. Groups of three are needed for today’s challenge.


  • Decks of cards (or index cards with numbers written on them)

Object of Activity: Figure out what number you are holding up to your forehead by using adding or multiplying skills 

How to Play: Two players will draw a card without looking at it. Each player will hold the card up to his or her forehead, only seeing the other player’s card. The player without a card will let the other two players know what the sum (total when adding) of the two cards is. Using this total, each player with the card on his/her head will determine what number he/she has! You can also do this activity with multiplication. 

Skills Used: Addition/Multiplication skills; Collaboration 

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