These next few challenges are going to be STEM challenges. STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. These activities are hands-on approaches to learning. STEM has been updated to include an art component, known as STEAM. The following One Cube Base Structure Challenge was an idea I got from frugal fun for boys and girls. If you need more activities to keep your children’s brains active, be sure to check it out!

Daily Activity Challenge #5: One Cube Base Structure

Today’s challenge does require a few materials. I was able to order the blocks and jumbo craft sticks off of Amazon. The cups are just a variety of paper cups I had at home. Plastic cups would work just as well!


  • 1-inch wooden cubes
  • Jumbo craft sticks
  • Plastic or paper cups

Object: Build the tallest structure using only ONE cube as the base.

How to Play: The only requirement is to use one wooden cube as the base structure and build off of that one cube. You may use the craft sticks, cups, and more cubes, or just craft sticks, or just cups…you get the idea.

Skills Practiced: Creativity, Problem-solving, Hand-eye coordination, Cognitive skills

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